Raven Huna Virtual Academy is the online branch of Raven Huna that provides courses in Huna Shamanism.

The Raven Huna Virtual Academy is our online forum for teaching Hawaiian Shamanism as practiced by the Kahili family of Kauai, adapted to the mountains of Appalachian. Online courses will be available and live courses will be offered. 

The Virtual Academy is also a community where you will meet others who are studying Huna Shamanism. 

When you join you gain access to pre-recorded courses, guided meditations, and access to the community.

"Life does not have to be tests and trials.

Life can be adventures and practice."

- Lee "Kuhi" Sinnott

The 7 Principles of Huna

1. Ike: 

The world is what you think it is.

2. Kala: 

There are no limits.

3. Makia: 

Energy flows where attention goes.

4. Manawa: 

Now is the moment of power.

5. Aloha: 

To love is to be happy with.

6. Mana: 

All power comes from within.

7. Pono: 

Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

The 3/4 Selves

1. Ku:

The Subconscious self who remembers

2. Lono:

The Conscious self who imagines

3. Kane (Aumakua): 

The Higher self who inspires

4. Kanaloa:

The Core self who wills

The 4 Levels of Reality

1. Ike Papakahi

The Objective Reality (Scientific)

2. Ike Papalua

The Subjective Reality (Psychic)

3. Ike Papakolu

The Shamanic Reality (Symbolic, Metaphorical)

4. Ike Papaha

The Mystical Reality (Everything is Holistic)

Aloha, I'm Lee "Kuhi" Sinnott

I am a husband, father, and Clinical Mental Health therapist.  My spiritual journey began at an early age. At the age of 6, I would spend hours in the woods, hiking and often getting lost. I quickly learned to watch the animals and the trees to find my way home. I grew up in the Christian faith and after several mystical and spiritual experiences that no one could explain, I went looking for the answers. Following the path Jesus Christ set for me I found myself in some very strange places. During my Spiritual adventures I met many different people and teachers learning many different things. Some of the things I learned were Druidry, Kabbalah, Buddhism, Saivite Hinduism, and Kung Fu.

I was lucky enough and honored to learn some Native American traditions as well. I have been trained as a Fire Keeper, Pourer of Sweat Lodge, and being able to take part in Vison Quest Dances at the Center For Peace in Seymour Tennessee.

In 2012 my life changed when one of my teachers recommended “Urban Shaman” by Serge Kahili King. From that day I have practiced and studied the Huna Kupua Tradition as taught by Serge Kahili King. It matched my own beliefs and made room what I believed and already found true. Huna also provided a practical and effective system to heal myself and help others become who they want to be. After several years in Huna journey, and years of study and practice, I became an Alakai (ordained minister) of the Order of Huna International.

My Hawaiian name given to me during my ordination is

‘O ‘Oia ke kuhikuhi pono

One who will teach well.

Kuhi for short.